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A Family Photo
Betty dancing
Betty on her way to school in Hawaii carrying her gas mask.
Barbara admiring her mom from a young age.
Sam and her grandmother, Raine.
Dajanae's Grandma Bell's collection of Black art.



The WomenWeLove project is the main research activity for the FRC. We wanted a project that would center our development as feminist scholars. In a very serendipitous moment we coalesced around an endeavor we radically call the WomenWeLove (WWL) project. The WWL concept was thought of by Pengfei Zhao who wanted to focus on mapping the life histories of women from different generations. This idea resonated with most members and Samantha Silberstein had connections to an employee at StoryMaps. Bridging their knowledge and experience, the collective decided to situate the stories using ArcGIS as an interactive mapping tool to place the histories from the women we interviewed. We all chose to work on collecting the life histories of women we love (i.e. mothers, grandmothers, daughters-in-laws, friends). The project is an ongoing effort to highlight the ordinary lives of women all over the world. It is an ongoing effort that we hope to continue to grow with additional stories collected by others outside of the FRC to show the connections between women.

To access the WomenWeLove project click here

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