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The Feminist Research Collective


The Feminist Research Collective (FRC) was created in the Fall of 2017. The group was the brainchild of Barbara Dennis and brought to life with the help of Pengfei Zhao. The two sent out an email to the Indiana University School of Education community. The original callout for the group focused on three areas: engaging in activism to fight for gender equity and social justice, developing shared collective feminist scholarship, and offering mutual support for members’ personal growth. Since the Fall of 2017 we have met consistently as a group even as members have left the university and moved on to new roles. As a collective we have led plenary sessions, reading groups, virtual workshops, presented at conferences, published research, published a monthly newsletter. Our academic and community engagement has been ongoing and continues to shape and transform as the group grows. As a collective we have a mix of scholars from graduate students, administrators, and faculty across several institutions. We all hold diverse identities and bring our individual backgrounds and knowledge to shape our collective.

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We develop and encourage independent courses on feminist and gender theories and practices, as well as the inclusion of women's work and lives in the curriculum of any of course.

Scholarly Projects

We engage in collective scholarship that fosters communitarian values, gender and sexual liberation, love and empathy. Our first project, WomenWeLove, demonstrates our commitment to participants first, loving scholarship, and collective, egalitarian decision-making. A refreshing alternative to neoliberal influences in academia and the marketplace.

Service and Activism

As individuals and as a collective, we support global efforts to lift up the lives of women and children, to advance equity and social justice, promote allyship, and foster intimate forms of institutional work and being.

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