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Feminist Research Collective

Indiana University
University of Florida

Supporting women scholars and scholarship around the globe

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Our publications range from reporting on research to describing our feminist communitarian practices. We endeavor to be egalitarian, promoting social equity and justice throughout our publications. Some of these publications have the FRC as the designated author and others use the names of those involved in creating them.

We use FRC as author in order to specifically resist the neoliberal tendency to count and atomistically reward scholarship as the outcome of an individual's efforts and work. Our FRC recognizes the value of diverse contributions, collective dialogue, and collaborative thinking, writing and doing which are not easily parsed out by individuals. 

In all we do, we center love. Our publications are part of a loving process and orientation. 



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The research focus of the FRC extends beyond what academia traditionally thinks of as research to include activism, artist expression, and relational engagements drawing on love.

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